0.2 Moments: Workout Edition

This just happened in the gym!  I was in between sets and looked up to see two sets of 5’s ~ which mean Buckle Your Seat Belts.

A major life change is upon you and could be the answer to your prayers,   Woohoooooo!!!

Are you ready? Are you ready for YOUR 0.2 Moment?

Even pre-workout, I spray on some 0.2 unisex fragrance so I am always ready to Meet My Destiny.

Is it magic or is it having your eyes and your mind open?

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Celebrating Father’s Day: So Many 0.2 Moments

Fathers create so many 0.2 moments!

That is why we celebrated dads with our #0.2DAD Flash Father’s Day Giveaway. Thank you to everyone that entered to win a bottle of 0.2 Unisex Fragrance. Each time we saw a new photo entry, provided another beautiful 0.2 Moment.

“That first moment, that first 1/5 of a second when your dad saw you for the very first time… I have tried to capture that feeling in this fragrance,” explained Holly Riddel, the creator of the unisex fragrance. “My goal was to create a liquid form of love-at-first-sight, a fragrance that would invoke and spread love.”

This Father’s Day we celebrate our dads. Our dads that love us no matter what, who encourage us when no one else does, who see our potential and beauty and spirit. The dads that taught us how to ride a bike, throw and catch a ball, laugh at ourselves, and how fun it is to be silly.

0.2 was designed to smell amazing on men and women, and in fact smells differently on everyone. Top notes of Italian Bergamot and Spearmint combine with a fresh musk accord that is both clean yet earthy. The Tunisian Amber (a masculine counter to rose) is grounded by a hint of Oakmoss to keep you in that moment, and take you deeper. This is a true unisex fragrance – and perfect for the person that did not think they liked wearing a scent.

This Father’s Day and every day, let’s celebrate the 0.2 moments created by our fathers, our mothers, our families, all the people we love, and those beautiful sights, sounds, and smells that make life so beautiful.

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LA’s Jacaranda Trees: 0.2 Moments

The inspiration for 0point2 was the emotional high that happens in just 0.2 seconds – the rush of endorphins that signal the rush of love….

This rush is happening all over Southern California, from the glow of an indescribable shade of purple as 1000s of Jacaranda trees are in full bloom. Along the freeway and parkways, in neighborhoods, parks, and random pockets around the area, they seem to be everywhere and the sight is truly heart stopping.

Our sense of smell is also on high alert, as their fragrance leaves us swooning. The name of the tree, Jacaranda, is thought to have be of Paraguayan Guarani origin, which, not surprisingly, means fragrant. Their smell, like the scent of 0.2 unisex fragrance, truly creates the sensation of love-at-first-sight.

We know it is late spring as no matter where we are in the Los Angeles area, we are smitten with the purple canopies of sweet-smelling blossoms.

Every encounter with these gorgeous trees (thank you Mother Nature) are 0.2 moments.


PS: Turns out not everyone loves these trees. We thought that impossible until we stumbled on this article in the Los Angeles Times: http://www.latimes.com/local/california/la-me-jacaranda-love-hate-20150418-story.html



Every Sunset: A 0.2 Moment


Every sunset is a 0.2 Moment. When you are fortunate to be at the beach the sunsets are magical. We FEEL them in our heart and in our soul. We FEEL the love and magnificence of Mother Nature. That feeling is a 0.2 Moment.

Mom: our first true love

Our mom… our first true love

0.2 recreates the moment of love at first sight … like the first time your mother held you in her arms and the first time you opened your eyes and saw her.

In our recent #02mom contest, every time we were tagged and we saw a new image of a mother and her child, was another 0.2 moment.
Thank you to everyone that shared the love. Wishing all of you a happy Mother’s Day!


Lady Liberty

Symbols of love, peace, faith… Symbols inspire, move, and connect us. The Statue of Liberty is a powerful symbol of freedom.

0point2 is many things, including a symbol of freedom – the freedom to love and the freedom to be ourselves.

Seeing Lady Liberty was a true 0.2 moment.


0.2 moments happen when you feel the rush of love in as quickly as 1/5th of a second. It can happen with a lover, friend, pet, and most importantly with yourself.

This beautiful 3 month puppy created a rush of pure overwhelming love. A life-affirming 0.2 moment.

Pink Moon

Tuesday’s first full moon of spring – the beautiful and magical “Pink Moon” – was a pure 0.2 moment. It symbolized the changes in nature, the rebirth, and the growth happening this time of year. When we allow ourselves to feel the energy of the moon, we can also experience magical changes in our own lives.

That is a 0.2 moment.