Celebrating Father’s Day: So Many 0.2 Moments

Fathers create so many 0.2 moments!

That is why we celebrated dads with our #0.2DAD Flash Father’s Day Giveaway. Thank you to everyone that entered to win a bottle of 0.2 Unisex Fragrance. Each time we saw a new photo entry, provided another beautiful 0.2 Moment.

“That first moment, that first 1/5 of a second when your dad saw you for the very first time… I have tried to capture that feeling in this fragrance,” explained Holly Riddel, the creator of the unisex fragrance. “My goal was to create a liquid form of love-at-first-sight, a fragrance that would invoke and spread love.”

This Father’s Day we celebrate our dads. Our dads that love us no matter what, who encourage us when no one else does, who see our potential and beauty and spirit. The dads that taught us how to ride a bike, throw and catch a ball, laugh at ourselves, and how fun it is to be silly.

0.2 was designed to smell amazing on men and women, and in fact smells differently on everyone. Top notes of Italian Bergamot and Spearmint combine with a fresh musk accord that is both clean yet earthy. The Tunisian Amber (a masculine counter to rose) is grounded by a hint of Oakmoss to keep you in that moment, and take you deeper. This is a true unisex fragrance – and perfect for the person that did not think they liked wearing a scent.

This Father’s Day and every day, let’s celebrate the 0.2 moments created by our fathers, our mothers, our families, all the people we love, and those beautiful sights, sounds, and smells that make life so beautiful.

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